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Pixley is a strict subset of R5RS Scheme (or, if you prefer, R4RS Scheme), supporting four datatypes (boolean, cons cell, function, and symbol) and a dozen built-in symbols. The reference implementation of Pixley is written in 124 lines of Pixley (or, if you prefer, 124 lines of Scheme; and if you prefer more Scheme-ly metrics, it consists of 413 instances of 54 unique symbols in 684 cons cells.)

This distribution also contains (non-reference) implementations of Pixley in C (mignon) and Haskell (haney), as well as ancillary support for running Pixley under four different implementations of Scheme (Racket's plt-r5rs, Husk Scheme, Mini-Scheme v0.85p1, and Tinyscheme,) as well as several minor dialects of the Pixley language (Pifxley, P-Normal Pixley, and Crabwell.)

Except where noted as being in the public domain, the source code files in the Pixley project are distributed under a BSD license.

The latest released version of the Pixley language is 2.0. For more information on the language, reference implementation, and project, please refer to The Pixley Programming Language document.


Official release distfiles are available on the Pixley project page at Cat's Eye Technologies.

The git repository for the reference distribution is available on Codeberg.

For a release history of the reference distribution, see