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SixtyPical is a very low-level programming language, similar to 6502 assembly, with static analysis through abstract interpretation.

In practice, this means it catches things like

  • you forgot to clear carry before adding something to the accumulator
  • a subroutine that you call trashes a register you thought was preserved

and suchlike.

It is a work in progress, currently at the proof-of-concept stage.

The current released version of SixtyPical is 0.3.



For 0.4:

  • while loops.
  • repeat loops.
  • explicitly-addressed memory locations

For 0.5:

  • add line number (or at least routine name) to error messages.
  • hexadecimal literals.
  • if not.
  • 6502-mnemonic aliases (sec, clc)
  • other handy aliases (eq for z, etc.)
  • source code comments.

For 0.6:

  • word type.
  • table type constructor and indirect addressing.