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  • version 0.13

    Added populateFromPairs helper method to yoob.PresetManager.

    Fixed NaN bugs in element-factory.

    Fixed a bug in

  • version 0.12

    Fixed a bug in yoob.Cursor.clone.

    Added yoob.makeRangeControl() in yoob/element-factory.js, which improves upon sliderPlusTextInput by adding optional increment and decrement buttons, and taking a configuration object as a parameter for construction.

    yoob.PlayfieldCanvasView now accepts resizeCanvas argument, which defaults to true, but can be set to false to suppress the default behaviour of resizing the canvas to fit the playfield just before each time it is drawn.

    In many places where the code was calling alert() to signify an error, it now throws a new Error object instead.

  • version 0.11

    yoob.Playfield, its Views (yoob.PlayfieldCanvasView, yoob.PlayfieldHTMLView), yoob.Cursor, and yoob.TextTerminal all take configuration dictionaries as their single argument to init().

    yoob.Cursors are now attached to yoob.Playfield and yoob.Tape objects, and are no longer attached to the PlatfieldViews. yoob.Cursor also no longer has a "built-in simple view"; viewing methods for cursors have been added to the PlayfieldViews.

    Added yoob.Playfield.foreachVonNeumannNeighbour.

    yoob.Cursor no longer supports read()/write(); instead, yoob.Playfield and yoob.Tape both support the "cursored read/write interface".

    yoob.Tape no longer contains "built in canvas view"; these methods have been moved to a new yoob.TapeCanvasView class.

    yoob.Tape has been given push(), pop(), peek(), and getSize() methods to allow it to be used as a first-in, first-out stack. yoob.Stack and yoob.StackHTMLView have been removed.

    yoob.Controller now has a setResetState() method, which can be called, typically before clickReset(), to set the state that resetting the controller will reset to.

  • version 0.10

    yoob.Chargen can be inited with a colorToAlpha triple; if it is given, that color will be treated as transparent when creating the coloured bitmaps of the characters.

    New StackHTMLView and TapeHTMLView view objects.

    Tape.foreach() supports a dense traversal, which visits every cell of the tape between the lowest and highest written cells, even if intervening cells have never been written.

    yoob.makeSelect(), in yoob/element-factory.js, now takes optional arguments: fun (a function that will be called when the selection is changed) and def (a default value which will be initially selected. This will also cause the callback function to be called.)

  • version 0.9

    Several more objects support the standard init protocol: caller passes in a configuation object, and the method is chainable (returns the object that was initialized.)

    yoob.Tape now has a clear() method, and supports default values for cells that have never been written.

    yoob.SpriteManager underwent significant refactoring. In particular, the x and y values are assumed to always refer to the centre of the sprite. An intersects() method was added, to help detect collision between two sprites. A clearSprites() method was also added.

    Added a new yoob.CanvasResizer object, which attempts to intelligently resize a canvas element to fit in the browser window, with options to preserve maximum size, aspect ratio, etc.

    In yoob/element-factory.js, a bug was fixed in makeTextArea, and functions were added for creating SVG elements.

    yoob.Chargen's init method now takes a configuration object, for consistency, and spells the word color, if not correctly, then at least consistently.

  • version 0.8

    Added yoob.SourceManager.

    yoob.Controller is no longer responsible for showing the editor for the textual source of a program/configuration; that's the new yoob.SourceManager's job. All that code has been removed from yoob.Controller, and several backwards-incompatible changes have been made to its API as well. In particular, a subclass or client must supply a reset method now rather than a load method. Please consuly the source comments in yoob/controller.js for more details.

    Both yoob.Controller and yoob.SourceManager are capable of creating their control panels (full of buttons) programmatically.

    yoob.PresetManager no longer takes a yoob.Controller to establish a default callback. Instead, a default callback can be configured with the setPreset key.

    Added yoob.makePre() to yoob/element-factory.js.

    Added setPlayfield(pf) to yoob.PlayfieldCanvasView and yoob.PlayfieldHTMLView. Also added setCellDimensions() to yoob.PlayfieldHTMLView, mostly as compatibility with yoob.PlayfieldCanvasView; and yoob.PlayfieldHTMLView renders undefined values as (space) by default now.

  • version 0.7-2015.0108

    Fixed bug in yoob.Controller where the "Reset" button was not being disabled during source editing.

  • version 0.7

    Added yoob.StateMachine.

    Removed yoob/animation-frame.js.

    Added .size() method to yoob.Stack.

    Added .clone() and .rotateDegrees() to yoob.Cursor.

    Added yoob/element-factory.js.

    Fixed z-index bugs in yoob.SplashScreen.

    yoob.Controller now supports a 'reset' button. In addition, the 'speed' control defaults to reversed mode (low values = slow.)

    yoob.Controller now has rudimentary support for loading source via XHR (AJAX).

    yoob.Animation allows the update() (or draw(), in proportional mode) to return the exact object false to force the animation to stop immediately.

    Added yoob.Varier.

  • version 0.6

    Renamed yoob.PathSet to yoob.PathList.

    Added yoob.SourceHTMLView.

    yoob.PlayfieldHTMLView may now have cursors. The extents of both kinds of Playfield View now include cursors. Cursors may be drawn early or late in yoob.PlayfieldCanvasView.

    Added yoob.PresetManager.

    yoob.Controller is no longer responsible for selecting between provided programs/configurations. It also keeps track of its state (running/paused/stopped/blocked on input) internally.

    animationFrame shims improved; animation functions deprecated in favour of the yoob.Animation object.

    yoob.TapeHead deprecated in favour of yoob.Cursor.

  • version 0.5

    yoob.SpriteManager handles both mouse and touch events.

    Added yoob.Turtle, yoob.Path, and yoob.PathSet.

    Added yoob.FullScreenDetector.

    Added yoob.Joystick.

    Added yoob.Chargen.

    Added yoob/splash-screen.js and yoob/animation-frame.js.

    yoob.PlayfieldCanvasView now sets up some reasonable default values for cell size and cursors, and yoob.PlayfieldHTMLView is less incomplete.

  • version 0.4

    Moved all-display related code from yoob.Playfield into a new class, yoob.PlayfieldConsoleView; in MVC parlance, yoob.Playfield is now a "model", and to actually display it in a browser, you will need a "view".

    yoob.PlayfieldConsoleView has a drawCell method instead of the old drawElement which will try to call draw on the value in the cell, if it has such a method, and will also takes (and will pass) the x and y co-ordinates of the cell in the playfield being drawn.

    Removed yoob.TextConsole; use yoob.TextTerminal and don't call write(), just call writeRaw(), if you want a console that doesn't understand terminal control codes.

    Refactored yoob.TextTerminal to be a facade over a yoob.Playfield and a yoob.Cursor. Thus, you can now read characters from any position in the terminal — however it has lost the ability to overstrike characters. Again, since yoob.Playfield is now a "model", yoob.TextTerminal itself does not concern itself with displaying the terminal (although there is a helper method to create a canvas view.)

    yoob.LineInputBuffer generally improved; it listens to keydown instead of keyup for special keys, prevents the default action for them, and has been tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (recent versions.)

  • version 0.3

    Added embed-sources tool.

    Added yoob.SpriteManager and yoob.Sprite classes.

    Moved yoob.AST to yoob.Tree, and added equals, setValue, setVariable, match, and subst methods to it.

    Added support for edit and select controls in yoob.Controller.

    Added get(Max|Min)(X|Y) methods to yoob.Playfield, and fixed issue with drawing cursors at wrong offsets.

  • version 0.2

    Added yoob.Controller class.

    In yoob.Playfield:

    • made attributes camelCase
    • added support for transformer argument to load
    • added support for default values (setDefault)
    • added dump method
    • added putDirty and recalculateBounds methods
    • added map method
  • version 0.1

    Initial release.