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C implementation

  • implement buffers in C in libtamsin
  • implement pattern match in send in C compiler


  • allow switching the kind of buffer that is used when @ is used:
    • rule @ %stdin is the default; it is implied when no @
    • rule @ %mmap to use an MmapBuffer
    • rule @ %line to use a LineEditorBuffer
    • rule @ $:open('file.txt') ?
  • $:add, $:sub, $:mul, $:div, $:rem, for atoms which look like integers: ["-"] & {$:digit}.
  • $:tell and $:seek the implicit buffer — for VM's etc — although note, this may have scary consequences when combined with backtracking
  • (foo → S | ok) & print S ... should set S to error if foo failed? or (foo |→ S ok) ? This is necessary for the meta-circular interpreter: to implement A | B we want to interpret A and see if it failed or not. i.e. We want to be able to reify errors...


  • Starting with knowns about $ builtins, an analysis to determine, for Rule:
    • may consume input, never consumes input
    • may fail, always fails
    • may succeed, always succeeds... (may_backtrack?)
  • production values
    • $:fold(^production, nil, cons)
    • $:fold(^($:alnum & " "), '', ^L+','+R)
  • codegen and emitter phases in compiler. take current compiler phase, make it construct a low-level representation instead (codegen), then have a phase that writes out C code from that low-level repr (emitter)
  • non-backtracking versions of | and {}: |! and {}!


  • test for ''(''), '\x00'('\x00')
  • document how prod scanners do EOF
  • tests that 'V' is not a variable
  • tests for failing when utf8 scanner hits badly-encoded utf8
  • tests for invalid escape codes
  • test for mismatched # of formals in prod branches
  • document the modules. in own document. plus tests.


  • ctype module, with alpha and digit and etc.
  • list module: deep_reverse
  • use Tamsin repr in error messages
  • str should be Tamsin repr()?
  • regex-like shortcuts: \w for "word", \s for "whitespace", etc.
  • have compiler replace calls to list functions by "more efficient" versions written in C -- if they really are...
  • and maybe even garbage-collect terms in libtamsin
  • figure out why reading a 4M file in a compiled program TAKES DOWN UBUNTU
  • make it possible to recover from more errors using | (don't throw exceptions so often)
  • stronger tests for scanner, parser: dump all falderal testbodies to files
  • option for ref interp to not output result (or by default, don't)
  • "mini" interpreter that handles variables (ouch)
  • error handling: skip to next sentinel and report more errors
  • module-level updatable variables. or globals. or "process dictionary" $:store() and $:fetch(). or database.
  • figure out good way to do aliases with the Tamsin-parser-in-Tamsin (dynamic grammar is really more of a Zz thing...)
  • should be able to import ("open") other modules into your own namespace.
  • @ a la Haskell in pattern-match:
    • walk(T@tree(L,R)) = ...
  • maps, implemented as hash tables.
    • Table ← {} & fields → F@fields(H,T) & Table[H] ← T
  • pretty-print AST for error messages

symbol fun

  • ~ (Lua) for not and ! (Prolog) for non-backtracking?
  • lowercase greek letters are variables too!
  • use instead of @, why not?
  • I'm always typing prod() → rule instead of =, so why not?
  • A;B — like & except assert (statically) that A always succeeds
  • be generous and allow "xyz" in term context position?
  • denotational semantics sugar! something like...

    ⟦add α β⟧ = $:add(⟦α⟧, ⟦β⟧).


    ⟦add α β⟧(σ) = $:add(⟦α⟧(σ), ⟦β⟧(σ)).
    ⟦var α⟧(σ) = fetch(σ, α).

    of course, DS is a bit fast-and-loose about actual parsing... but the syntax looks mighty fine.

wild ideas ###

  • term-rewriting library; a la Treacle; should make desugarer almost trivial
  • algebraically cool version of |, perhaps as a worked example (implement Bakerloo in Tamsin)
  • EOF and nil are the same? it would make sense... call it end? (do we?)
  • productions with names with arbitrary characters in them.
  • something like «foo» but foo is the name of a nonterminal — symbolic production references (like Perl's horrible globs as a cheap substitute for actual function references or lambdas.)
  • turn system library back into built-in keywords (esp. if : can be used)
  • Tamsin scanner: more liberal (every non-alphanum+_ symbol scans as itself, incl. ones that have no meaning currently like * and ?)
  • auto-generate terms from productions, like Rooibos does
  • token classes... somehow. (then numeric is just a special token class?) a token class is just the "call stack" of productions at the time it was scanned
  • «» could be an alias w/right sym (,,, ) (still need to scan it specially though)
  • special form that consumes rest of input from the Tamsin source -- maybe not such a gimmick since micro-tamsin does this
  • feature-testing: $.exists(module) | do_without_module
  • ternary: foo ? bar : baz — if foo succeeded, do bar, else do baz. I don't think this is very necessary because you can usually just say (foo & bar) | baz — but only if bar always succeeds, which it usually does (to return something)