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The Deturgenchry Programming Language

Deturgenchry is a simple object-oriented language with several distinguishing features. It is a work in progress, so exactly what those features are is still being hashed out, but they're something like:

  • Single-assignment: all objects are immutable.
  • The implicit self parameter is a continuation (or similar) representing the currently executing method; self.object is the current object.
  • There is also an other parameter which represents the method that called the current method. There is no explicit return; instead, other is re-activated.

For more detailed information on the language (so far), and a set of Falderal tests, see doc/Deturgenchry.markdown.

The reference implementation of Deturgenchry is written in Haskell, and requires the Parsec parser combinator library.

The Deturgenchry project is covered under a BSD-style license; see the file LICENSE for more information.