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The Cannery

Cat's Eye Technologies now has Docker images available on Docker Hub for several of its distributions.

Putting a Dockerfile and a build script in each distribution repository felt not-quite-right somehow, so this repository was created to hold all the Dockerfiles, build scripts, and documentation for each Docker image.

In addition -- and this is significant -- there is a set of driver scripts in the bin directory of this repository, which run the executables in these containers almost as if you had the executable installed on the host.

Each driver script will download any image it needs from Docker hub first, if it is not yet present on the system.

So all you need to do is put bin on your executable search path, and suddenly you have a myriad of Cat's Eye Technologies' tools and language interpreters and such at your disposal, right from your command line (or shell, or Terminal, or whatever you like to call it.)

There are some caveats of course. See the README of the containerized-hastec project for more information on this approach.