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Illgol: Grand Mal

Illgol: Grand Mal is the super-uber-mega-meta-mecca-distribution of the groundbreaking-historic-hey-yowza ILLGOL family of programming languages:

  • ILLGOL, the first programming language EVER to be, in actuality, a communicable disease cleverly disguised as a programming language;
  • Illgola-2, the first programming language EVER to have its release notes introduced, in prose, by a superheroine (later revealed to be Release Notes Girl);
  • Illberon (ILLGOL 3), the first programming language EVER to have its release notes in the form of a comic strip; and
  • Open Sores Illgol##, the first programming language EVER to be Open Sores Illgol##.

Illgol: Grand Mal is also rumoured to be the hyperincubator for the next generation of ILLGOL technology, Illglr.


The contents of the Illgol: Grand Mal distribution are octuply-licensed. See the file COPING for details.

Our Commitment to Sensible Organization and Historical Accuracy... epic. Expect certain revisions in this repo to be tagged, because repos often contain tags, you know.


n. a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place

Illgol: Grand Mal does not have a building, but it does have a wiki -- it's a disused marquee standing outside what was once a Chi Chi's, in Livonia, MI. If you happen to have something to say about Illgol: Grand Mal, feel free to go there and move the plastic letters around.

But seriously, folks

The various incarnations of Illgol were originally built with Borland C++ 3.1, but there is nothing Borland-specific in the code, and should be buildable by just about any modern C compiler, with only a few dozen warnings being thrown. The sources are not compiled seperately; just do like

gcc illgol.c -o illgol

(or whatever) and there you go, instant Illgol compiler.


The various Illgol compilers produce .COM files. They won't run on a modern Windows system, so you'll need something like DOSBox, or Bochs plus FreeDOS, to maximize your enjoyment of Illgol: Grand Mal.

As a bonus, with a one of these PC emulators, you won't even need to build ILLGOL or Illgola-2, as they come with pre-compiled binaries. And since you'd be running them in an emulator, you won't even have to worry so much about the dangers of running executable programs that you stumble across in strange software distributions on the Internet.