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2929 epic. Expect certain revisions in this repo to be tagged, because
3030 repos often contain tags, you know.
32 Building
33 --------
35 *n. a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently
36 in one place*
38 Illgol: Grand Mal does not have a building, but it does have a wiki -- it's
39 a disused marquee standing outside what was once a Chi Chi's, in Livonia, MI.
40 If you happen to have something to say about Illgol, feel free to go there
41 and move the plastic letters around.
43 ### But seriously, folks ###
45 The various incarnations of Illgol were originally built with [Borland C++
46 3.1](, but
47 there is nothing Borland-specific in the code, and should be buildable by
48 just about any modern C compiler, with only a few dozen warnings being
49 thrown. The sources are not compiled seperately; just do like
51 gcc illgol.c -o illgol
53 (or whatever) and there you go, instant Illgol compiler.
55 Running
56 -------
58 The various Illgol compilers produce `.COM` files. They won't run on a
59 modern Windows system, so you'll need something like
60 [DOSBox](, or [Bochs](
61 plus [FreeDOS](, to maximize your enjoyment of
62 Illgol: Grand Mal.
64 As a bonus, with a one of these PC emulators, you won't even need to build
65 ILLGOL or Illgola-2, as they come with pre-compiled binaries. And since
66 you'd be running them in an emulator, you won't even have to worry so much
67 about the dangers of running executable programs that you stumble across in
68 strange software distributions on the Internet.