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Version 1.1

This is Cat's Eye Technologies' tree, a command-line tool that displays an indented directory tree, similar to "The Tree Command for Linux" except simpler. It:


tree [-f|--full] [-1|--1-line] [-c|--count]
     [-w|--max-width <int>] [-x|--exclude <list>] [DIRECTORY]

If DIRECTORY is not supplied, the current directory is assumed.

The --full option lists each file in a directory on its own line.

The --1-line option lists a summary of the files in each directory on one line, truncating the line if it is longer than the max-width.

The --count option causes a count of files in each directory to be display instead of listing the files themselves.

If none of those options are given, all files in a directory are listed compactly over multiple lines, in a "block".

The --max-width option can be used to set the length of truncation or block-wrapping. It defaults to the width of the terminal window as returned by stty size, if that program can be run, otherwise 75.

The --exclude option sets the list of directory names to not descend into (a comma-separated list). It defaults to venv, node_modules, and __pycache__.