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Version 0.2. Subject to change in backwards-incompatible ways.

Cat's Eye Technologies' shelf is "a package installer which neither packages nor installs". It aims to be a replacement for toolshelf, implemented as a set of Bourne shell functions.

Quick Start

Download the file and put it somewhere, say $HOME/

Or better, clone this repo as $HOME/.shelf; then the file will be at $HOME/.shelf/, and you can pull the latest changes with cd $HOME/.shelf && git pull origin master.

Then add these four lines to the end of your shell startup script (.bashrc, .bash_profile, or whatever):

. $HOME/.shelf/
export SHELF_FARMBASE=$HOME/.local                   # see below
export SHELF_PATH=$HOME/checkout1:$HOME/checkout2    # see below

Then start a new shell for it to take effect.

SHELF_FARMBASE is the directory where the link farms will be created. On some OSes $HOME/.local has a similar purpose, so it can be used here too. (Although note, the wisdom of doing that has not been fully vetted.)

SHELF_PATH should be a colon-separated list of directories where you will be keeping the source directories you wish to manage using shelf.


The following shell functions are defined by and available for use:

Catalog files

In the context of shelf, a catalog file is a text file with one entry per line. Each entry consists of a directory name, optionally followed by an @ symbol followed by a tag name.

Several commands operate on catalog files, which are usually supplied via standard input. Some of these commands ignore the tag names.

Environment variables