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LinApple version 2.1
28 November 2017

!! Keyboard: Fixed caps lock bug.

!! Display: Set higher default host screen resolution in windowed mode.

!! Audio: Eliminated decoupling capacitor simulation.

!! Audio: Fixed choppy Mockingboard sound due to incorrect cycle caculation between IRQs.

For LinApple version 2b has been made:
!! Fixed gcc version 4.8.4 <unistd.h> includes
!! Some cleanup on Makefile, INSTALL, README and some others

For LinApple version 2.0 has been made:
!! Fixed screen corruption bug for x64 systems
!! Fixed gcc 4.4 compilation error lacking <strings>
++ FTP support. You can load disk images on Slots 6 (1 & 2) and Hard disks images, using FTP server such as
	Press Alt+F3, Alt+Shift+F3 for load disk image through FTP
++ Screen sizes are now flexible. You can set any screen size you wish, just be catious - not all screen sizes can work in full screen mode
++ .zip images support for FDD 140K (in read-only mode). Just first file in .zip archive will be read and inserted as an image.
	You can load .zip images directly from your file system (by F3/F4 keypress), or from FTP server (by pressing ALT+F3(F4)).
-- Sound is still glitched. Needs repairing.  Please help!

For LinApple version 1.1 has been added:
++ 1. Opening of compressed .gz files - in read-only mode. Works only for FDD 140Kb drives.
++ 2. Super quick load-save states (CTRL+0..9 - quick load state, CTRL+SHIFT+0..9 - quick save it) in current states directory.
++ 3. Add Mockingboard (but not Phasor??) support, without speech, as I could take it.
	But Mockingboard works! You may test it in such games as Berzap! (you need to switch Mockingboard on after pressing Ctrl+C in the game), in Willy Byte in  the Digital Dimensions, in Pitfall II(tm), in UltimaIV and few others.
++ 4. VideoBenchmark added! Run `linapple -b' to see benchmark running and its result in console.
++ 5. Parallel Printer file name can be set in linapple.conf (default was Printer.txt in working directory)