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T-Rext is a command-line filter that attempts to clean up spaces and punctuation in a text file. Its purpose is so that, when you are writing a text generator, such as a Markov processor, you need not worry too much about its output format; just toss its output through T-Rext when you're done to make it more presentable.


bin/t-rext raw_output.txt > cleaned_output.txt

This will take lines that look like this:

" Well , " said the king , , " no . "

and reformat them to look like this:

“Well,” said the king, “no.”

To use T-Rext from any working directory, add the bin directory in this repository to your PATH. For example, you might add this line to your .bashrc:

export PATH=/path/to/this/repo/bin:$PATH

T-Rext is built on an over-engineered library of pipeline processors, which you can use directly (note, its interface is not stable and liable to change.) To use the T-Rext Python modules in other Python programs, make sure the src directory of this repository is on your PYTHONPATH. For example, you might add this line to your .bashrc:

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/this/repo/src:$PYTHONPATH

Then you can add imports like this to the top of your script:

from t_rext.processors import TrailingWhitespaceProcessor

An easy way to accomplish the above two things is to dock T-Rext using toolshelf:

toolshelf dock gh:catseye/t-rext


This is a test suite, written in Falderal format, for the t-rext utility. It also serves as documentation for said utility.

-> Functionality "Clean up punctuation and spaces" is implemented by
-> shell command "bin/t-rext %(test-body-file)"

-> Tests for functionality "Clean up punctuation and spaces"

Spaces before commas and periods are elided.

| Well , that is good .
= Well, that is good.

Multiple commas are collapsed into a single comma.

| Well , , that is good .
= Well, that is good.

Multiple periods are not collapsed into a single period.

| Well . . . that is good.
= Well... that is good.

Quotes are oriented.

| "Yes," he said.
= “Yes,” he said.

Spaces after opening quotes and before closing quotes are elided.

| " Yes , " he said.
= “Yes,” he said.

But not the other way 'round.

| Muttering "Yes," he turned around.
= Muttering “Yes,” he turned around.

Quotes do not match across paragraphs.

| Turbid "Waters" that "leak.
| You "don't" have a clue.
= Turbid “Waters” that “leak.
= You “don't” have a clue.

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