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Chrysoberyl is an attempt to catalogue, and curate, the things produced by, and related to, Cat's Eye Technologies.

It is something between a wiki and a database and a semantic web and The Devil's Dictionary.

It is supposed to be primarily informative, and only secondarily machine- processable, and only thirdly structured. For this purpose, it has historically been collected in relatively ad-hoc YAML files, but in 2017 it was converted to Feedmark format, which is a subset of Markdown.

These Feedmark articles can be found in the article directory.

Chrysoberyl contains primarily things produced by Cat's Eye Technologies; it only contains things not produced by Cat's Eye Technologies when they directly relate to things that are (e.g. Perl 5.12 might have an entry, but only as a "Project Dependency", not as a "Programming Language".)

This README used to contain a lot more information, but a lot of it has gone out of date at this point, but if you're interested, you can look it up in this repository's history.