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This is the distribution for "stringie", an implementation of Underload in ANSI C.


Seeing that there was no non-pathological implementation of ais523's beautiful Underload language in C, I undertook that project one evening. (In the company of a bottle of really fine wine. Why, it cost almost twelve dollars.) The result is one of the most pedantic and boring Underload interpreters known to man. Perhaps the most interesting property of it is its name, "stringie", which was an accident.


(cd src && make)

You can also pass ANSI=yes to make to have the C compiler treat the source code as ANSI C, and this will work, because the source code is ANSI C.

It can also be build using DICE C under AmigaDOS 1.3; see the file build.seq for details.


./bin/stringie '(Hello, world!)S'

From this we can see that the Underload program to be interpreted is passed directly in the first command-line argument to the executable.

However, there is also a form by which the Underload program can be read from a file:

./bin/stringie from eg/hello.ul

Included materials

This distribution also contains a description of the Underload language in the doc directory, and a collection of example programs in the eg directory. These were taken from public-domain sources.


The contents of this repository are in the public domain. See the file UNLICENSE for more information.


Thanks to stasoid for finding, and describing a fix for, a heap-corrupting bug.