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version 1.5.0 (2/16/2009)
- added display of line number, column, and lines from top to separator line 
  for info window
- minor changes to reduce number of warnings when using -pedantic option

version 1.4.7 (2/10/2009)
- changed how strings are terminated from the old usage of NULL to the current 
  use of character zero, '\0'
- changed the licensing since the Artistic License is now considered 

version 1.4.6
- modified new_curse.c to handle different subdirectory naming in terminfo 
  directory; first noted on Mac OS 10.2

version 1.4.5a (12/23/2001)
- modified get_options to be cleaner for arg handling

version 1.4.5 (12/15/2001)
- made changes to check usage of arguments provided so that if a file is
  specified options are no longer accepted (that is, they are treated as file
- changed to use ee_version.h to allow changing version number without need
  to change ee.c directly

version 1.4.4 (8/17/2001)
- added code to check if the parent process has died, and if so to exit 

version 1.4.3 (6/25/2001)
- modified create.make and new_curse.c to allow defining TERMCAP file 
  location (since some distributions move the file)
- source directory now has version number attached to directory name

version 1.4.2 (1/19/2001)
- change to create.make script to add unistd.h to files to search for 
  select() declaration
- change to new_curse.c for proper raw mode operation