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Boring Licensing Information:

The contents of this file are essentially in the Public Domain, with the
exception that anyone who does anything interesting with it (including, but
not limited to, such pursuits as modifications, sales, professional usage,
and integration with other products) is required to notify the author (the
forwarding e-mail address should be stable and will be
kept current) as to what that will be.

This is only for the purposes of getting an feel for the direction that this
work should take in the future, and also to see if I have any more recent
suggestions (or newer version) that might be of use to you.

In exchange for such a liberal policy, this comes with absolutely no
guarantees, express or implied, on the suitability or stability of this
work.  As an example, don't come crying if it transforms your baby sister
into a marauding supervillain.  You've been warned, now, so it's your own
darn fault.

Licensing the License:  Go ahead and use it.  I would greatly appreciate it
if the liability example were different for every product, however.