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This is the reference distribution for Strelnokoff, an esoteric programming language which is both imperative and non-deterministic.

There is no formal documentation to speak of as of yet, but if there ever will be, it will be found in the doc subdirectory.

This distribution also contains an interpreter for Strelnokoff, written in Perl, as strelnokoff in the script directory, and some example Strelnokoff programs in the eg directory.


This distribution is distributed under a constellation of permissive licenses. The interpreter is distributed under a 2-clause BSD license, and example programs in the eg/ directory are in the public domain.

Following the REUSE 3.0 scheme, the licences themselved are kept in the LICENSES directory, and each file is linked to the license that applies to it, either by comments in the file itself, or by a section in the .reuse/dep5 file.