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; petulant.p65 - The PETulant Cursor, a "display hack" for the Commodore 64
; Originally written by Chris Pressey sometime in the late 1980's
; Rewritten in P65 assembly and released March 2008
; This work is part of the public domain.

; ----- BEGIN petulant.p65 -----

; PRG file header

.org 0
.word $02a7
.org $02a7

; ----- Constants -----

.alias cinv             $0314   ; hw irq interrupt, 60x per second
.alias blnon            $cf     ; was last cursor blink on or off?
.alias color            $286    ; current foreground colour for text

.alias vic              $d000   ; base address of VIC-II chip
.alias border           vic+$20 ; colour of border of the screen
.alias background       vic+$21 ; colour of background of the screen

; ----- Start of Program -----

start:          sei             ; disable interrupts
                lda cinv        ; save low byte of existing handler
                sta savecinv
                lda cinv+1      ; save high byte
                sta savecinv+1

                lda #<newcinv   ; install new interrupt handler
                sta cinv
                lda #>newcinv
                sta cinv+1

                cli             ; re-enable interrupts

newcinv:        lda blnon       ; is the cursor on?
                beq cursor_off
cursor_on:      lda color       ; yes, get its colour
                jmp egress
cursor_off:     lda background  ; no, get the background colour
egress:         sta border      ; colour the border
                jmp (savecinv)  ; continue pre-existing interrupt handler

; ----- Uninitialized Data -----

.space savecinv 2

; ----- END of petulant.p65 -----