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6502 Opcodes

As used or unused in SixtyPical.


ld a, 123     → LDA #123
ld a, lives   → LDA LIVES
ld x, 123     → LDX #123
ld x, lives   → LDX LIVES
ld y, 123     → LDY #123
ld y, lives   → LDY LIVES
ld x, a       → TAX
ld y, a       → TAY
ld a, x       → TXA
ld a, y       → TYA


st a, lives    → STA LIVES
st x, lives    → STX LIVES
st y, lives    → STY LIVES
st on, c       → SEC
st off, c      → CLC

add dest, src

add a, delta   → ADC DELTA
add a, 1       → ADC #1


inc x          → INX
inc y          → INY
inc lives      → INC LIVES


sub a, delta   → SBC DELTA
sub a, 1       → SBC #1


dec x          → DEX
dec y          → DEY
dec lives      → DEC LIVES


cmp a, delta   → CMP DELTA
cmp a, 1       → CMP #1
cmp x, 1       → CPX #1
cmp y, 1       → CPY #1

and, or, xor

and a, 8       → AND #8
or a, 8        → ORA #8
xor a, 8       → EOR #8

shl, shr

shl <dest-memory-location>
shr <dest-memory-location>

shl a          → ROL A
shl lives      → ROL LIVES
shr a          → ROR A
shr lives      → ROR LIVES


call routine   → JSR ROUTINE


if z           → BEQ LABEL
if not z       → BNE LABEL
if n           → BMI LABEL
if not n       → BPL LABEL
if c           → BCS LABEL
if not c       → BCC LABEL
if v           → BVS LABEL
if not v       → BVC LABEL

6502 instructions unsupported

ASL   Shift Left One Bit (Memory or Accumulator)
LSR   Shift Right One Bit (Memory or Accumulator)

BIT   Test Bits in Memory with Accumulator
BRK   Force Break

CLD   Clear Decimal Mode
CLI   Clear interrupt Disable Bit
CLV   Clear Overflow Flag

NOP   No Operation

JMP   Jump to New Location       // but may be generated as part of `if`

PHA   Push Accumulator on Stack
PHP   Push Processor Status on Stack
PLA   Pull Accumulator from Stack
PLP   Pull Processor Status from Stack

RTI   Return from Interrupt
RTS   Return from Subroutine

SED   Set Decimal Mode
SEI   Set Interrupt Disable Status

TSX   Transfer Stack Pointer to Index X
TXS   Transfer Index X to Stack Pointer