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History of Samovar

Version 0.3

  • The ?_ wildcard variable matches any term, without binding it to anything.
  • Multiple bindings in a where clause may be seperated by commas.
  • Consequences of a rule may not contain a where clause; this is statically checked before execution.
  • Occurrence of variables in text and consequences is also statically checked.
  • Pathologically poor performance of the lexical scanner on large input files (essentially a bug) was fixed.

Version 0.2

Improved during a "sprint" in the first half of November 2018, for NaNoGenMo 2018.


  • Added tests: a Falderal test suite, as well as unit tests.
  • Variables no longer need to be Greek letters; they can be alphanumeric identifiers of any length that begin with ?.
  • Traditional logical connectives can be used in expressions.
  • "Scenarios" instead of "situations"; a scenario is not divided into sections, it can have a goal, and it can import other scenarios.
  • When matching a rule, the same term cannot be bound to two different variables.
  • Ability to "pre-bind" a variable to a term, in a rule's where clause.
  • Removed functions, after demonstrating they're not needed.
  • Clearer expectation that punctuation should be retained when it appears in a rule's words.

Reference implementation

  • Ability to set the random seed with --seed.
  • Improved algorithm for matching rules against propositions; uses depth-first recursive pattern-matching to find matching rules. Bindings also treated as immutable. This led to a significant performance improvement (the prototype was ugly.)
  • Implemented the AST with namedtuples, for slight performance improvement.
  • Able to output generated events as JSON.
  • --generate-scenarios, --min-events, --max-events, --lengten-factor command-line options.
  • Support for running under Python 3.

Version 0.1

The initial prototype, thrown together in October 2016.