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This is a work in progress

Robin is a homoiconic S-expression-based language (similar to, for example, Scheme, with influences from Pixley and PicoLisp) with the following features:

Quick Start

You'll need either ghc or Hugs installed.

Clone this repo and cd into it, and run ./ to build the reference interpreter bin/robinri, and the slightly-less-impractical interpreter called bin/whitecap (for historical reasons, and subject to change.)

(Or if you have toolshelf, just run toolshelf dock gh:catseye/robin.)

If you have a few minutes to spare, please do run the tests by running ./ (This requires Falderal.)

(There will be a link to a tutorial with further instructions in the future)


Robin's fundamental semantics are documented in doc/Robin.markdown.


Robin 0.2 is a somewhat significant departure from Robin 0.1. It keeps:

Robin 0.2 discards from Robin 0.1:

Robin 0.2 adds to Robin 0.1: