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This is the reference distribution of PL-{GOTO}.NET, a literate Haskell program which compiles a program written in PL-{GOTO} to an MSIL file which can then be assembled by ilasm to produce a .NET executable. PL-{GOTO} is a pedagogical language, described in Brainerd and Landweber's Theory of Computation (1974; ISBN 0471095850), in which it is possible to express only computations which are primitive recursive.

The source code of the compiler is in the file PLexceptGOTOdotNET.lhs in the src directory of the distribution. Being written in literate Haskell, it also serves as documentation for the compiler.

A test suite in Falderal format can be found in the tests directory and can be run with the script in the root directory.

A script that demonstrates the end-to-end usage of the compiler can be found in the demo directory (but it should be run directly from the root directory.)

The materials in this distribution are in the public domain; see the file UNLICENSE for more information.