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This is a gewgaw from an idea I had in early 2018, which was this:

Most recursive fractals (such as the Koch snowflake) are developed top-down; you start with a large shape, and then you say it is made up of smaller shapes similar to the first shape, and those smaller shapes are made up of even smaller shapes, and so forth.

But what happens if you try to develop a fractal the other way around — bottom-up? You start with some small shapes, then you connect them into larger shapes, and connect those into even larger shapes...

Latcarf was an attempt to implement a bottom-up fractal such as this.

The first implementation of Latcarf (which we will call version 1.0) was located in the HTML5 Gewgaws distribution. This version was cleaned up and adapted to use DAM, and that is the version in this repository (which we will call version 1.1 or later).