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  • RECV instruction.

  • Investigate why seemingly big-enough ARs are actually not big enough.

  • Immutable values. This will help solve the problems of using values as keys in a dictionary, and the problem of (not) sharing data between processes.

  • (BIG) Stack type checker in assembler.

  • (BIG) Fix file processes to really be concurrent, esp. in read. Use select (maybe export fd's to the scheduler.)

  • (BIG) Error handling. Instead of just assert() (which isn't even there when you define NDEBUG), throw an exception if the unexpected happens. Or, send a message to the process which created this process. (This will require self be accessible throughout the code somehow.)


  • Falderal tests for all variants of conditionals.

  • Falderal test for closures.

  • Falderal test for sending and receiving messages.

  • Falderal tests for dictionaries.

  • Falderal test for portraying cyclic values.

  • Falderal test for saving cycling values.


  • Document C APIs (header files).

  • enum success { SUCCESS = 1; FAILURE = 0; } and return this instead of int.

  • Portray values from stream_render: %v or similar.

  • Figure out way to debug messages received by file process (can't write to file process, or you'll get an infinite loop.)


  • Measure sizeof struct value et al in buildinfo. Spit out defines. Think about how 64-bit systems will handle all this.


  • "small immediates" embedded in appropriate VM instructions.

  • Go back to having "functional values", but basically say that these are ARs with zero space allocated for arguments / locals. Then have a VM instruction to create an AR from a functional value. (Maybe also have a VM instruction to create a full AR instead of a functional value, from a label, for when you want to call it one-off.)


  • Allow symbols (/strings) to be interned. There is of course a tradeoff here, so "allow" rather than "require". Maybe have VALUE_TAG being "small strings" (fit in a struct value, so, like, 7 characters). Then many problems go away...?

  • Option to create a (non-interned) symbol from a const string in a way that does not copy the const string.

  • More efficient access of free variables. Split each AR into two sections: bound variables and free variables. The bound variables are stored in the AR itself. Free variables are stored in some other AR; pointers to them are stored in this AR. Then accessing a bound variable is only a single indirection. Tradeoff is that more work needs to be done when creating a functional value.

  • In ARs, store top-of-stack pointer as a machine pointer, not a tuple index.