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Falderal is a file format for literate test suites. It is particularly suited for documenting programming languages (or other specifications of ways to transform text) and testing their implementation(s) in a language-agnostic fashion. The dumbed-down sound-bite version: "doctests for DSLs". Test.Falderal is the reference implementation, in Haskell, of tools for formatting and running tests written in Falderal.


Here's the scenario:

If this describes you, then Falderal might help. I wrote it because I was designing yet another esoteric programming language, and while working on it I realized I was rebuilding yet another ad-hoc unit test suite, like I had done a half-dozen times before. I didn't want to keep doing this for every language I designed, and I realized that literate test suites could serve as documentation as well; the result was Falderal.


The current version of Falderal is described in the Falderal Literate Test Format. The current version of Test.Falderal is 0.7 "Ogden Avenue". Neither the file format specification, nor the Test.Falderal API, should be expected to be stable through the 0.x series.

Currently supported features of the framework are:


Version 0.7 "Ogden Avenue" (current released version):

Version 0.6 "Streeterville":

Version 0.5 "The Loop":

Version 0.4 "Blackstone Hotel":

Version 0.3 "Chicago Board of Trade":

Version 0.2 "Dearborn Station":

Version 0.1 "Haymarket Square":



Falderal development is hosted on Bitbucket. Bugs may be reported (and features requested) on the Issue Tracker there.

There is also a git mirror of the repository on Github.

Official release distfiles are available on the Falderal project page at Cat's Eye Technologies.

For Further Information

Please see the Falderal wiki on Bitbucket.