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History of Castile

Castile 0.5


  • Added file.


  • Scoped structs can be declared with the for (...) clause after the struct. A value of a scope struct can only be maked, and the fields of such a value can only be accessed, lexically inside one of the definitions named in the for.
  • Structs cannot be tested for equality with the == and != operators. Instead the programmer should write a function that compares structs for equality, if desired.
  • Values of union type can be tested for equality, but only if none of the types involved in the union are structs.


  • Lexical scanner has been split off from parser code, into its own module. A performance bug (using O(n^2) space instead of O(n)) during scanning has also been fixed.
  • Line numbers are recorded in the AST when parsing, and reported on type errors when type errors occur.
  • Requesting the AST be dumped, will also dump the AST with type assignments, if an error occurs during type checking.
  • Established an abstract base class for compiler backends.
  • Fixed a bug where tagged values were being tagged again during a cast from a union type to another union type.
  • ArgumentParser is used instead of OptionParser to parse command-line arguments. --version added, --test (and remaining doctests in source modules) removed.

Castile 0.4


  • Re-focused project: Castile is a simple imperative language with union types.
  • Released under a 3-clause BSD license.


  • structs cannot be compared for order, it is a static error.
  • A union type is allowed to be promoted to a bigger union type, or to itself.


  • Completed the C-generating backend of the compiler: it passes all tests now.
  • Implemented str builtin, equality testing of structs in all backends.
  • Improved pretty-printing of code in C and Ruby backends.
  • Implemented ne in stackmac implementation.

Castile 0.3 revision 2021.0625

  • Updated implementation to run under both Python 2 and Python 3.
  • Refactored test suite, making it more idiomatic Falderal.

Castile 0.3 revision 2016.0331

  • Fixed generated Ruby code that worked in Ruby 1.8 but fails in Ruby 1.9.

Castile 0.3 revision 2015.0101

  • Stopped using deprecated Falderal variable names in test suite.

Castile 0.3

  • Treatment of local variables became more Python-like.
  • Beginnings of a C backend in compiler.

Castile 0.2

  • Heavy development of the language, with many changes.
  • Added JavaScript, Ruby, and stackmac (stack-machine) backends to compiler.

Castile 0.1

Initial release of Castile, an unremarkable language with an unremarkable compiler/interpreter in Python.