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The `yucca` tool runs under Python 3 by default. Chris Pressey 1 year, 12 days ago
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114114 -----
116116 `yucca` could be easily extended to warn about "code smells" such as a
117 redundant `GOTO` to the next line, a line containing another `GOTO`, and
118 so forth.
117 redundant `GOTO` to the next line, a `GOTO` to a line containing only
118 another `GOTO`, and so forth.
120120 `yucca` can dump the input program with (as far as I can tell) total
121121 fidelity; it retains case and spacing of all lines, even leading and
0 #!/usr/bin/env python
0 #!/usr/bin/env python3
22 from os.path import realpath, dirname, join
33 import sys