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0 This is Cat's Eye Technologies' fork of linapple, an Apple II emulator
1 for Linux. It is based on AppleWin by Tom Charlesworth and others,
2 ported to Linux by Krez beom beotiger. The original README can be found
3 below, following the line of equals signs in this file.
5 The objective of this fork is to make a version of linapple which is
6 "properly unixy" instead of being a perfunctory translation of a
7 Windows app. This includes:
9 - autobooting from a disk image name on the command line. This
10 work comes from a branch by @arloduff and is documented in another
11 file in this directory:
12 - recording location of resource files at build time instead of
13 assuming they always reside in the current directory. This permits
14 the executable to be started from any directory (under development)
15 - treating the configuration file as read-only (planned)
17 It also contains changes for building and running under OSX, taken from
18 other forks of linapple on Github, however, keeping these changes tested
19 and working is not a priority for this fork.
21 This code was forked from the version that @timob branched from Sourceforge,
22 which is ostensibly version 2.0. It has incorporated several changes
23 from around Github since them. It does not yet have a specific version
24 number, but when it does, it will likely be something like 2.0ce1.
26 -Chris
28 =====================================================================
030 *** LINAPPLE 2.0***
232 [INTRO]