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Let's protect assets.h from multiple inclusion I just can't bring myself to use #pragma once to do this. Just about every compiler anyone uses these days now supports it, I know. I'd just prefer not to use extensions if I havent' got reason to do it. T. Joseph Carter 3 years ago
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0 /* Resources.h -- configures locations of resource files that linapple loads on startup */
0 /* assets.h -- configures locations of asset files that linapple loads on startup */
2 #ifndef __assets_h
3 #define __assets_h
25 #define ASSET_ICON_BMP "icon.bmp"
36 #define ASSET_SPLASH_BMP "splash.bmp"
58 #define ASSET_FONT_BMP "font.bmp"
710 extern char *asset_basepath;
12 #endif // __assets_h