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ZOWIE version history

Version 1.0 (Dec 29 2009)

  • Initial release.

Version 1.0 revision 2011.1214

  • Trivial tweaks to the documentation's HTML.

Version 1.0 revision 2012.0325

  • Converted documentation to Markdown format.
  • PEP-8 cleanups to; no functional changes.

Version 1.0 revision 2014.0819

  • Added ability to run under Skulpt, and demo HTML page of this.
  • Added some rudimentary Falderal tests.
  • Added UNLICENSE to emphasize the public domain status of these materials.
  • Made file executable, using /usr/bin/env to find python.
  • More Markdown, whitespace, and PEP-8 cleanups.

Version 1.1

  • Made syntax more strict:
    • Names of commands and registers must be in uppercase.
    • Previous lax parsing of indirect register references was dropped.
  • Because this above changed the definition of the language, but not in any jaw-dropping way, the minor version number was bumped.
  • Uses of regular expressions and old-style classes were dropped.
  • Added ability to compile with RPython from PyPy version 2.3.1.

Version 1.1 revision 2019.0122

  • Added example Javascript files demonstrating how can be run under Skulpt in a web browser.

Version 1.1 revision 2021.0622

  • Updated reference implementation to be able to run under either Python 2 or Python 3.
  • Allowed reference implementation to be compiled by the RPython compiler from PyPy version 7.3.5. Note that the RPython-compiled version cannot currently output Unicode, and always falls back to the &#...; syntax when outputting non-ASCII characters.
  • More idiomatic structuring of the Falderal test files.