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  • make torrent

for 0.5

  • better shelf_test, don't abort on a single failed test

  • restructure The Platform to consist of multiple sub-platforms

  • Update and release the things we punted on for 0.4:

    • SixtyPical
    • Chrysoberyl — actually, it's stale and needs updating
    • Castile
    • Maentwrog
    • Befunge-93
    • Braktif
    • Canvas Feedback
  • If we have git repos, version git clones after docking them. To do this we either need to mess with Dulwich (sigh) or build git on the guest. Somehow. (also sigh.)

    • Dulwich 0.9.5 ♢
  • PyYaml and Jinja2, for kinoje and Chrysoberyl. Also, build HTML files from Chrysoberyl and let them be viewed with Links? Also build The Dossier this way? It would be really cool if Links could browse Markdown files directly.

  • py-editdist, perhaps? For NaNoGenLab.

Older Notes

  • Devtools stage. Not docked anymore, but maybe bring it back:

    The second-and-a-half-th stage, "Devtools", consists of some projects which make using the system easier, but are not relied upon by any subsequent stage, and can, in fact, be docked right after the NetBSD Gondola stage.

    • Links 2.8 ♢
    • ymattw-cdiff 0.9.3 ♡
    • cpressey-tree 1.0 ♥
  • Extended stages! They may, one day, exist, but not yet. Ideas:

    • Emulator Stage, in which, if we can actually get it to build, we have QEMU, and in which The Platform gets recursive... it's turtles all the way down, or rather all the way up, or rather as far up as you can afford the disk space and electricity for...

    • Forks Stage, in which we also dock forks of projects that Cat's Eye Technologies has on Github.

    • Stars Stage, in which we also dock (feasible) projects from Github that Cat's Eye Technologies has starred.

    • Esoteric Files Archive Stage, in which we also dock feasible stuff from the Esoteric Files Archive.

    • and/or whatever else...