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How to Build The Platform


If you are on a Unix-like operating system, you can build your own disk image with the following steps. It is roughly 3.6G in size, so make sure you have some free space.

  • Install Funicular 0.4 (via shelf, we would suggest, although this is not strictly necessary)
  • Put a copy of (or a symbolic link to) the NetBSD 6.1.5 install ISO for i386, called NetBSD-6.1.5-i386.iso, in this repo's root directory. Since it is fairly large (~314M) it is not automatically downloaded by Funicular, and you may wish to obtain it via a torrent or by some other method.
  • In this repo's directory, run

    IMAGE_SIZE=3600 funicular init system
    funicular install
    funicular init setup
    funicular setup

    and follow the instructions given to you at each step.

Notes for making the Torrent

  • Build the image per the instructions in the Funicularfile.
  • Run script.
  • Run /cdrom/
  • exit and review the typescript for errors.
  • If no errors, delete the typescript and exit the emulator.
  • Create a directory on a FAT32 or NTFS partition called The-Cats-Eye-Technologies-Platform-0.x. We'll call this the torrent directory.
  • Copy the wd0.img to The-Cats-Eye-Technologies-Platform-0.x.img in the torrent directory.
  • Run pandoc --from=markdown --to=html5 < >USAGE.html.
  • Copy USAGE.html to the torrent directory too.
  • Reboot into Windows.
  • Use 7-Zip to compress the image to The-Cats-Eye-Technologies-Platform-0.x.img.7z at the highest level of compression.
  • Copy the torrent directory into the webseeds directory of the static website data.
  • rsync the static website data to the live website.
  • Run ╬╝Torrent. Select "Create new torrent".
  • Select "Add directory" and select the torrent directory.
  • In the "Webseeds" text box, enter (note: there have been issues with webseeds not being 100% downloaded; I'm not sure if the cause is the torrent software, or the web server configuration, or something else.)
  • In the "Related website" text box, enter
  • Click "Create torrent".