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0 The New Gamerly Realism
1 =======================
4 ---------
6 Only when the conscious habit of coding culture's little interactions,
7 Marios and Lara Crofts in games disappears
8 _will we witness a purely gamerly work of gamedev_.
10 I have transformed myself _in the zero of gameplay_ and have fished myself out
11 of the _rubbishy slough of mainstream gaming_.
13 I have destroyed the ring of level design and got out of the circle of
14 powerups, the level design ring that has imprisoned the gamedev and the
15 interactions of culture. This accursed ring, by revealing novelty after
16 novelty, leads the gamedev away from the _aim of reification_.
18 And only _cowardly consciousness_ and insolvency of creative power in a gamedev
19 yield to this deception and establish
20 _their game on the interactions of culture_,
21 afraid of losing the foundation on which the _retrodev_ and the _mainstream_
22 have based their gaming.
24 To produce favourite powerups and little interactions of culture is just like
25 a thief being enraptured with their own shackled legs.
27 Only dull and impotent gamedevs veil their work with _sincerity_.
28 Gaming requires _truth_, not _sincerity_.
30 _Levels have vanished like smoke; to attain the new gamerly paradigm_,
31 gamedev advances towards creation as an end in itself and towards
32 reification of the interactions of culture.
35 ------------
37 Use the arrow keys to guide the protagonist (represented by a black square)
38 around the playfield (represented by a black square) to collect all the
39 treasures (represented by black squares) while avoiding the pits (represented
40 by black squares.) Each treasure collected earns the player 10 points; the
41 score is shown in the upper-left (in black). The player begins the game with
42 three lives; succumbing to a pit costs a life; the number of lives is
43 displayed in the lower-left (in black). When the game is over, left-click
44 the canvas to start a new game.
47 ----------
49 Detractors and other peasants may satisfy themselves that this is actually a
50 game and not just an entirely black gif or something by opening the game's
51 `iframe` in a new tab, opening up their Javascript console there, and
52 changing the variable BACKGROUND_COLOR.
54 ~~ [Submitted](
55 to [#altgamejam](, April 12th, 1916.