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66 * `save X, Y, Z { }` now allowed as a shortcut for nested `save`s.
7 * Trying to call or goto a non-routine-typed symbol is now an
8 analysis error, not a syntax error.
7 * If the name in a location expression isn't found in the symbol
8 table, a forward reference will _always_ be generated; and forward
9 references in _all_ operations will be resolved after parsing.
10 * As a consequence, trying to call or goto a non-routine-typed symbol
11 is now an analysis error, not a syntax error.
912 * Split TODO off into own file.
1013 * `sixtypical` no longer writes the compiled binary to standard
1114 output. The `--output` command-line argument should be given
2626 Which uses some other storage location instead of the stack. A local static
2727 would be a good candidate for such.
29 ### Make all symbols forward-referencable
31 Basically, don't do symbol-table lookups when parsing, but do have a more formal
32 "symbol resolution" (linking) phase right after parsing.
3429 ### Associate each pointer with the buffer it points into