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507507 | xor a, many + x
508508 | }
509509 = ok
512511 There are other operations you can do on tables. (3/3)
25882587 You can copy the address of a routine into a vector, if that vector type
25892588 is at least as "wide" as the type of the routine. More specifically,
2591 - the vector must take _exactly_ the same inputs as the routine
2592 - the vector must make _exactly_ the same outputs as the routine
2590 - the vector must take _at least_ the inputs that the routine takes
2591 - the vector must produce _at least_ the outputs that the routine produces
25932592 - the vector must trash _at least_ what the routine trashes
25952594 If the vector and the routine have the very same signature, that's not an error.