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Jot down some TODO items before I forget them. Chris Pressey 2 years ago
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8080 Do we want a `copy bytevar, table + x` instruction? We don't currently have one.
8181 You have to `ld a`, `st a`. I think maybe we should have one.
83 ### Analyze memory usage
85 If you define two variables that occupy the same address, an analysis error ought
86 to be raised. (But there should also be a way to annotate this as intentional.
87 Intentionally making two tables overlap could be valuable. However, the analysis
88 will probably completely miss this fact.)
90 ### Character literals
92 For goodness sake, let the programmer say `'A'` instead of `65`.
94 ### Character set mapping
96 Not all computers think `'A'` should be `65`. Allow the character set to be
97 mapped. Probably copy what Ophis does.
8399 ### Tail-call optimization
85101 If a block ends in a `call` can that be converted to end in a `goto`? Why not? I think it can,