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66 * Added the so-called "open-faced `for` loop", which spans a loop
7 variable over a range, the end of which is fixed.
7 variable over a finite range, the end of which is fixed.
88 * "Tail position" is now more correctly determined for the purposes of
99 insisting that `goto` only appears in it.
1010 * New `--origin` and `--output-format` options added to the compiler.
1212 * Fixed bug when reporting line numbers of scanner-level syntax errors.
1313 * Translated the small demo projects Ribos and "The PETulant Cursor" to
1414 SixtyPical, and added them to the `eg/c64/` section of the repo.
15 * Added a `eg/vic20` example directory, with one VIC-20 example program.
1617 0.13
1718 ----