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33 0.12
44 ----
6 * `copy` is now understood to trash `a`, thus it is not valid to use it in `copy`.
6 * `copy` is now understood to trash `a`, thus it is not valid to use `a` in `copy`.
77 To compensate, indirect addressing is supported in `ld` and `st`, for example,
88 as `ld a, [ptr] + y` and `st a, [ptr] + y`.
99 * Implements the "union rule for trashes" when analyzing `if` blocks.
1010 * Even if we `goto` another routine, we can't trash an output.
1111 * `static` storage locations local to routines can now be defined within routines.
12 * Small grammar changes that obviate:
13 * the need for parentheses in the type expression `vector (routine ...) table`#
14 * the need for `forward` in forward references in source of `copy` instruction
12 * Small grammar changes that obviate the need for:
13 * the parentheses in type expressions like `vector (routine ...) table[256]`
14 * the `forward` keyword in forward references in source of `copy` instruction
1515 * Fixed bug where `trash` was not marking the location as being virtually altered.
1717 0.11
3838 TODO
3939 ----
41 ### `low` and `high` address operators
43 To turn `word` type into `byte`.
4541 ### Save registers on stack
4743 This preserves them, so that, semantically, they can be used later even though they
6662 ### And at some point...
64 * `low` and `high` address operators - to turn `word` type into `byte`.
6865 * `const`s that can be used in defining the size of tables, etc.
6966 * Tests, and implementation, ensuring a routine can be assigned to a vector of "wider" type
67 * Related: can we simply view a (small) part of a buffer as a byte table? If not, why not?
7068 * Check that the buffer being read or written to through pointer, appears in approporiate inputs or outputs set.
7169 (Associate each pointer with the buffer it points into.)
7270 * `static` pointers -- currently not possible because pointers must be zero-page, thus `@`, thus uninitialized.