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0 Notes for building SixtyPical programs for Apple II
1 ===================================================
3 And running them on `linapple`.
5 We'll do `eg/rudiments/add-pass.60p`. It does nothing.
7 bin/sixtypical --origin=0x2000 --output-format=raw eg/rudiments/add-pass.60p > add-pass.bin
8 cp ~/scratchpad/linapple/res/Master.dsk sixtypical.dsk
9 a2in B sixtypical.dsk ADD-PASS add-pass.bin
10 a2ls sixtypical.dsk
11 linapple -d1 sixtypical.dsk -autoboot
13 Next... we should do one that does something.
77 The file contains only the emitted bytes of the compiled SixtyPical
88 program.
10 The default origin is $0000; it is not unlikely you will want to
11 override this.
10 The default origin is $0000; you will likely want to override this.
1312 Note that the origin is not stored in the output file in this format;
1413 that information must be recorded separately.
1918 little-endian format. The remainder of the file is the emitted bytes
2019 of the compiled SixtyPical program, starting at that origin.
22 The default origin is $C000; it is likely you will want to
23 override this.
21 The default origin is $C000; you will likely want override this.
2523 This format coincides with Commodore's PRG format for disk files,
2624 thus its name.