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You could argue that it's not *that* low level, so, okay. Chris Pressey 3 years ago
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33 _Version 0.19. Work-in-progress, everything is subject to change._
5 **SixtyPical** is a [very low-level](#very-low-level) programming language
5 **SixtyPical** is a [low-level](#low-level) programming language
66 supporting a [sophisticated static analysis](#sophisticated-static-analysis).
77 Its reference compiler can generate [efficient code](#efficient-code) for
88 several 6502-based [target platforms](#target-platforms) while catching many
4646 language in terms of size and hands-on-ness, but also able to catch
4747 many ridiculous silly errors at compile time.
49 ### Very low level
49 ### Low level
5151 Many of SixtyPical's primitive instructions resemble
5252 those of the 6502 CPU — in fact it is intended to be compiled to