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77 * Initialized `byte table` values need not have all 256 bytes initialized.
88 * Constraints for `vector` type come immediately after the type, not the variable.
99 * `vector table` storage, and ability to copy vectors in and out of same.
10 * Added `typedef`, allowing the user to define type aliases for readability.
11 * Added `define name routine {...}` syntax; `routine name {...}` is now legacy.
1012 * Removed the evaluator. The reference implementation only analyzes and compiles.
1113 * Fixed bug where index register wasn't required to be initialized before table access.
7676 * `copy x, [ptr] + y`
7777 * Maybe even `copy [ptra] + y, [ptrb] + y`, which can be compiled to indirect LDA then indirect STA!
79 ### Union rule for trashes in `if`
81 If one branch trashes {`a`} and the other branch trashes {`b`} then the whole
82 `if` statement trashes {`a`, `b`}.
7984 ### And at some point...
8186 * Check that the buffer being read or written to through pointer, appears in approporiate inputs or outputs set.