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66 * Can `call` and `goto` routines that are defined further down in the source code.
77 * The `forward` modifier can also be used to indicate that the symbol being copied
88 in a `copy` to a vector is a routine that is defined further down in the source.
9 * Fixed bug which was preventing `if` branches to diverge in what they initialized,
10 if it was already initialized when going into the `if`.
1012 0.9
1113 ---
4545 the joystick (i.e. bring it up to par with the original demo game that was written
4646 for SixtyPical)
48 ### Allow branches to diverge in what they touch
50 For example, if the routine inputs and outputs `foo`, and one branch of an `if`
51 sets `foo` and the other does not touch it, that should be OK.
5348 ### `vector table` type
5550 ### `low` and `high` address operators