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This directory contains example sources which demonstrate the rudiments of SixtyPical.

Examples that are meant to fail and produce an error message are in the errorful/ subdirectory.

These files are intended to be architecture-agnostic. For the ones that do produce output, an appropriate source under support/ should be included first, so that system entry points such as chrout are defined. In addition, some of these programs use "standard" support modules, so those should be included first too. For example:

sixtypical --run-on=x64 support/c64.60p support/stdlib.60p vector-table.60p

chrout is a routine with outputs the value of the accumulator as an ASCII character, disturbing none of the other registers, simply for the purposes of producing some observable output.

(There is a KERNAL routine which does this on both the Commodore 64 and the Commodore VIC-20. It should not be hard to find or write such a routine for most other architectures.)