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This directory contains example sources which demonstrate the rudiments of SixtyPical.

Examples that are meant to fail and produce an error message are in the errorful/ subdirectory.

These files are intended to be architecture-agnostic. For the ones that do produce output, an appropriate source under platform/, should be included first, like

sixtypical platform/c64.60p vector-table.60p

so that system entry points such as chrout are defined.

There's a script in this directory that does this.

./ c64 vector-table.60p

chrout is a routine with outputs the value of the accumulator as an ASCII character, disturbing none of the other registers, simply for the purposes of producing some observable output.

(There is a KERNAL routine which does this on both the Commodore 64 and the Commodore VIC-20. It should not be hard to find or write such a routine for most other architectures.)