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This directory contains SixtyPical example programs specifically for the Apple II series of computers.

See the README in the parent directory for more information on these example programs.

Note that sixtypical does not currently support "load and go" execution of these programs, because constructing an Apple II disk image file on the fly is not something it can currently do. If you have the linapple sources checked out, and the a2tools available, you could do something like this:

bin/sixtypical --traceback --origin=0x2000 --output-format=raw eg/apple2/prog.60p --output prog.bin
cp /path/to/linapple/res/Master.dsk sixtypical.dsk
a2rm sixtypical.dsk PROG
a2in B sixtypical.dsk PROG prog.bin
linapple -d1 sixtypical.dsk -autoboot

and then enter

CALL 8192

Ideally you could


But that does not always return to BASIC and I'm not sure why.