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RUBE II: Das Klickenklacker

This is Cat's Eye Technologies' distribution of RUBE II: Das Klickenklacker, an "automaton-like system" devised by John Colagioia as a descendant of Cat's Eye Technologies' RUBE.

A fuller description of RUBE II can be found in the file klik.txt in the doc directory.

The source to the RUBE II interpreter can be found in the src directory. There is no Makefile, but the supplied, trivial script can be run to build an executable. Note that it does not work particularly well on *nix, and I have not recently tested it in MS-DOS (the environment in which it was originally developed.)

There is an assortment of example RUBE II programs in the eg directory.

Contents in this distribution are "essentially in the public domain" (scare quotes intentional.) See the file doc/license.txt for more information.