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00 Lexeduct
11 ========
3 **You can try Lexeduct live in your web browser here: [Lexeduct Online][]**
35 > "this is not a wheel I've re-invented before"
7981 The module may also export a couple of other things, like an English description
8082 of the transformer, and the possible configuration options. For a reasonably
81 simple example, see the source of the `upper` transformer, found
82 in [src/transformers/upper.js](src/transformers/upper.js).
83 simple example, see the source of the `upper` transformer, in [upper.js][].
8485 State deposited into the state object is shared by all transformers, so it's
8586 a good idea to choose a key that you think will probably be unique.
102103 various and sundry discussion with him, and others on the
103104 [GenerativeText Forum][], particularly [John Ohno][].
106 [Lexeduct Online]:
105107 [Node.js]:
108 [upper.js]:
106109 [Michael Paulukonis]:
107110 [TextMunger]:
108111 [GenerativeText Forum]:!forum/generativetext