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Guten-gutter is a command-line filter for stripping the boilerplate off of text files from Project Gutenberg. I was using gutenizer for this purpose, but it has some shortcomings and there were several Project Gutenberg texts which it failed to properly strip, so I wrote this as a more robust replacement. It's also (like Project Gutenberg texts themselves) in the public domain.


If you want to get just the book's text out of a Project Gutenberg text file:

script/guten-gutter pg10662.txt > The_Night_Land.txt

If you want to do that to an entire collection of Project Gutenberg files:

mkdir cleaned
script/guten-gutter ../gutenberg/*.txt --output-dir=cleaned

To use Guten-gutter from any working directory, add the script directory in this repository to your PATH. For example, you might add this line to your .bashrc:

export PATH=/path/to/this/repo/script:$PATH

An easy way to accomplish this is to dock Guten-gutter using shelf:

shelf_dockgh catseye/Guten-gutter


A small test script,, is included with this distribution.


Rewrite ProducedByProcessor as a StartSentinelProcessor (or otherwise have it ignore the end sentinel)

Make IllustrationProcessor handle multiple lines