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History of Feedmark


  • Fixed a bug with --rewrite-markdown under Python 3.x.


  • Format of refdex files has changed: an entry can now have a key filenames, which is like filename, but can be a list. This is backwards-compatible on input, and you can pass the flag --output-refdex-single-filename to cause the output from --output-refdex to strip all but the last filename and produce only filename entries on output.
  • Parser now allows trailing ### on h3-level section headers.


  • Minor release to work out issues with


  • Added conventional --version option to feedmark.
  • Added so that Feedmark can be treated as a Python package.


  • Added --htmlized-json option which, when using --output-json, converts Markdown to HTML5 every place it is present in the JSON.
  • Added --ordered-json option which, when using --output-json, serializes the properties (of the document and of each section) as an array of two-element arrays, instead of a JSON object.


  • Renamed link-to-anchors-on property to link-target-url.
  • Improved unit tests.


  • Uses the toc extension that ships with markdown to generate heading-anchors (instead of a home-rolled function for that.)
  • Heading anchors are generated on all header levels, not just h3.
  • Format in which links extracted from documents are output in JSON has changed. Each link is a dictionary, includes more info.
  • Able to output links that don't appear in any Feedmark section.
  • Ability to archive targets of links has been split off into a separate utility (called yastasoti and hosted in its own repo) which consumes the new link JSON format.
  • Tests are an actual Python unittest suite, which passes when run under Python 3.


  • Format of JSON written by --output-json cleaned up; documents are given in a list, sections in a document are also in lists.
  • Functionality for generating a table of contents has been removed. Example script that generates a ToC from feedmark --output-json is provided in the eg directory instead.


  • Checking links now works for local files; it checks they are in the directory specified as --article-root.
  • Archiving targets of links is "more idempotent":
    • if the file has not changed, it is not changed on disk
    • if it has changed, the old file is renamed to a datestamped name
    • --archive-missing-only only downloads if not already have it
  • Writing the anchor id of h3 elements is now much faster, as it is now done with a Markdown extension instead of BeautifulSoup.
  • preamble of a document is now formatted the same way as the body of each section in the document.
  • HISTORY document.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Output JSON with --output-json. Also --by-publication-date.
  • Output links with --output-links.
  • Multiple input refdexes can be read with --input-refdexes.
  • A prefix can be virtually appended to every filename in the input refdexes using --input-refdex-filename-prefix.
  • Output a table of contents.
  • Some internal refactoring.
  • Rudimentary test suite.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Check documents against schema.
  • Check, and archive the targets of, links in documents.
  • Output Markdown and HTML from input Feedmark documents.
  • Rewrite Feedmark documents in-place.
  • Create and use a refdex file (reference-style links.)
  • Other small fixes.


  • Initial release.
  • Ability to create an Atom feed from a Markdown document.