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00 History
11 =======
3 Version 0.8-pre "Ukranian Village" (current development version):
3 Version 0.8 "Ukranian Village" (current released version):
55 * The reference implementation is now `py-falderal`.
6 * Blocks *must* now be indented four spaces. That Falderal test documents
7 will be embedded in Markdown is generally assumed (although not strictly
8 required) and they generally have the file extension `.markdown` so that
9 other software (e.g. Bitbucket and Github) knows how to pretty-display
10 them.
611 * Various documentation which was on Bitbucket (wiki, issues) and Github
712 (py-falderal issues) have been moved into Markdown documents in the
813 distribution, which have themselves been re-organized.
1722 it just before loading a "tests" Falderal file which specified the
1823 functionalities being tested, but not their implementations.
20 Version 0.7 "Ogden Avenue" (current released version):
25 Version 0.7 "Ogden Avenue" (previous released version):
2227 * **Note that this is the final version of Falderal where `Test.Falderal`
2328 is the reference implementation.** In subsequent versions,
00 Falderal
11 ========
3 Version 0.8-pre "Ukranian Village"
3 Version 0.8 "Ukranian Village"
55 This is the reference distribution of Falderal, a file format for literate
66 test suites. Falderal is particularly suited for:
1919 the language. That document probably includes examples. Those examples are
2020 probably intended to produce some kind of output. That output is probably
2121 expected to be a certain, predicted thing, and if it's not that thing, the
22 implementation is probably considered incorrect
22 implementation is probably considered incorrect.
2424 So why not write those examples in a format that can be tested?
102102 sources in `src/falderal`. You don't need to install it; just add
103103 the `bin` directory of this distribution to your `$PATH`. This
104104 implementation is (somewhat) documented in `doc/py-falderal.markdown`.
105 * `src` — source code for py-falderal.
105106 * `impl/Test.Falderal` — a (lagging, and not conformant) implementation of
106107 Falderal in Haskell.
107108 * `tests` — a set of tests for Falderal itself. (Note that these are not